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7-a-side Rules


7-a-side Rules

7-A-Side Rules Season 2012/13 Feb 2012 Amended

  • Duration of matches: Under 8: 15 minutes each half
  • Under 9, 10 & 11: 20 minutes each half

    2. Size of Ball: Under 8 : size 3 (if available)

    Under 9, 10 & 11: size 4

  • No limit on number of substitutes once they are listed on card.
  • Substituted players may be re-introduced into the game.

    Substitutions must be made during break in play with referees consent.

  • At Under 8 & 9 games Goalkeepers may take goal kicks out from the hand from within the penalty area.
  • At Under 8 & 9 games sideline balls can be kicked-in from the ground instead of a throw-in. A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick-in/throw-in i.e. it does not touch any other player. A goal kick is awarded.
  • Defending team must be at least 6 yards away from the ball at free kicks.
  • Penalty kicks shall be taken from a mark 10 yards from the goal.
  • No Offside rule, however all other standard rules apply.
  • ALL matches should start on time. Referee can allow up to 15 minutes delay to allow a team to field.
  • ALL players used must be listed on match card PRIOR to kick off and signed by team representative.
  • While there are no cards issued, a player can be ?sent off? in extreme cases. Normally the referee would request the team coach to substitute the player and not allow him to re-enter.
  • In the event of penalty shoot-outs each team has 3 and is sudden death after 3. ANY player listed on card can take a penalty.
  • REFEREE FEES: 16 euro per game. ( 8 euro per team). Referee should be paid before the game.
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